in search of excellence
We take pride in our handcrafted products' authenticity, craftsmanship & sustainable design.

We leverage existing knowledge, know how and skills of local craftsmanship and we add design and functionality aspect to make our handicraft products better, emphasizing on quality rather than quantity. We direct our resources on cultivating a culture of creation rather than culture of consumption.

Most of our products are hand made. They are the result of human touch and healthy relationship with our natural and indigenous material as well as our environment.

We believe that good design speaks a universal language that does justice to both tradition and innovation.

Our products range use various materials from recycled teak and other wooden materials, bamboo, stones and marble, terrazzo, coconut shells, pandanus, seagrass, metal and earthwares.
If you interested in full range of recycled-teak furnitures, please visit our sister company website here